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Bread has always been our breakfast go to, simple and quick. We never put much thought to what a good loaf of bread really was until 2017, when we tried a slice of sourdough in the bustling city of Melbourne. We were not only blown away but also intrigued as the experience changed our whole perspective of the term 'Bread' and it started our journey to becoming who we are today at flourish.bythehomebaker.

Using 3 simple ingredients: Organic Flour, Water and Salt, the process of slow-fermentation with our live fermented culture gives rise to its characteristics of a chewy texture, crisp crust and lovely sour tang. The naturally occurring acids and long fermentation helps to break down the gluten, making it more digestible and easy for the body to absorb its quality nutrients and you can really taste the quality of the flour when it is made this way.

Aside from the country sourdough loaf, we also offer other varieties of sourdough based bread such as brioche or soft loaf enriched with eggs and butter, baguette, focaccia and many more.