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About us

Welcome to Flourish.bythehomebaker.

From cupcakes to choux to healthy snacks like homemade granola, Thehomebaker has always had a passion for baking but never found its identity. A trip to Australia in 2017 changed its fate.

Bread has always been a part of our diet but it was never a product we thought about making ourselves, until one pleasant experience we had in a cafe in Melbourne that completely changed our view on bread. The first taste of sourdough took us by surprise with its distinctive texture and incredible flavor. Who would have thought bread, with a hint of sourness could taste so good? Instantly, we looked up about sourdough, hence began our journey.

The urge to make good bread for ourselves and our loved ones was what pushed us through the many challenges, two years of trial and error brought us to where we are today: 

Flourish (Flour & Nourish), a part time micro bakery run by a team of wife and husband, who takes pride and joy in creating delicious bakes. We are committed to consistently deliver quality products that are Honest, Wholesome and Nourishing for you and your loved ones.

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